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Our Massage Services

Welcome to Virginia Medical Massage in Chesapeake. Specializing in Medical Massage which is area specific, outcome based and geared towards healing and repair. 


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Virginia Integrative Care is the home of Virginia Medical Massage now located in Chesapeake Virginia!

In many cases we accept your Dr's prescription for Medical Massage, your personal injury, or workers comp insurance. Please call first to ensure coverage. 

Insurance Coverage?

Our Services


Prices listed are our Membership Prices. For information on our Membership and our Non-member or Insurance prices, please call 757-410-5322 

Medical Massage:

Medical Massage is outcome-based massage, primarily the application of a specific treatment targeted to the specific problem.
Each and every massage is tailored to your physical needs and personal goals.
30 Min  60 Min   90 Min
$45      $70       $90

Our goal is to ensure your body is is tip top shape. To encourage you in your wellness goals, we offer discounts for Chiropractic and Decompression clients.
For combined therapy prices and insurance rates, please speak to our front desk when calling for your appointment. 

Pregnancy Massage:
Our team has been highly trained in massage techniques specifically for pregnancy and the issues that may plague you. We will tailor this massage to you dependent to how far along you are and exactly what you are needing. 
60 Min  90 Min
$70       $90

Lymphatic Massage:
We also provide Lymphatic Massage to help facilitate healing, weight loss, and many other therapeutic benefits. 
60 Min  90 Min
$70       $90

Traditional Swedish Massage:
Our therapists are also available for non-medical Swedish massage therapy. 
30 Min  60 Min  90 Min
$40       $60      $80

We also offer Sports, Pregnancy, and many other modalities. Please go to for more information.