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Dr. Michael Seery DC

 Dr. Michael Seery DC

    In 1989 I suffered a severe car wreck which left me with multiple spinal fractures and after being braced for 8 months I then received rehabilitative chiropractic care which spared me from suffering from devastating life changing affects The benefits of Chiropractic care were obvious to me so I decided to make that my calling. I attended Southern Connecticut State University for my undergraduate studies, then attended Sherman College Of Chiropractic where I received my Doctorate in Chiropractics in 2001. After my clinical internship and passing all four parts of the National Boards as well as Physiotherapy I was licensed in the state of Virginia.

    I have been practicing in Northern Virginia for more then 15 years and decided to leave to be closer to my family here in the Hampton Roads area. I have a great deal of experience with many techniques used in chiropractics today: Diversified, Thompson Drop, activator, upper cervical specific and Cox flexion distraction decompression. The last 9 years have been re-certified in the nations leading form of chiropractic disc care the Cox technique. Utilizing the Cox technique and specialized table I have helped hundreds of people find relief and avoid premature surgery who suffer from chronic pain, disc herniation's, spinal stenosis, DJD and post operative pain management. Some of the hardest and most complicated cases were sent to my office for care from local Neurosurgeons, Orthopedists and general Medical doctors with great results. I am excited to bring this technique and others to Virginia Integrative Care and help those in need. 

Improved Nerve Communication in the Body
Improved Joint Motion and Coordination
Improved Physical Function and Performance
Improved Posture

Relief from Back and Neck Pain
Relief from Leg, Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain
Relief from Stress and Tension Disorders

Relief from Arm, Wrist, Shoulder or Elbow Pain

Relief from Joint Discomfort
Relief from Bursitis
Relief from Arthritis
Relief from Chronic Injuries

Dr. Michael Seery DC

     As a second generation Chiropractor I had the fortunate experience growing up with the benefit of Chiropractic care, acute as well as maintenance . I was able to recovery very quickly from my soccer, lacrosse, football and wrestling sports injuries, as I was an extremely competitive athlete. I also benefited of never getting tubes in my ears or my tonsils surgically removed when I was an adolescent, while all my friends seemed to be getting them taken out. 

What Others Are Saying about Dr. Seery D.C.,

Maureen McGurk
Licensed Massage Therapist at Poulin Chiropractic

Maureen was a client of Dr. Michael’s July 17, 2017,

I've been to a few chiropractors over the years (having lived in 3 states) and Dr. Michael Seery is outstanding. He is very good at diagnosing issues and quickly identifies safe and effective treatment. I've been his patient for many years, with a few different issues and he has gotten me pain free.  
Along with gentle and effective chiro adjustments for my cervical neck pain (sleeping in odd positions...) and overall back health, he identified and immediately resolved an issue I was having that was misdiagnosed by my internist as acid reflux. All the internist did was prescribe me medication that did not work. I explained my symptoms to Dr. Seery in passing during a routine adjustment, and he knew right away I had a subluxation causing my discomfort. One small spinal adjustment and I was 100% better immediately! I was blown away by his knowledge of musculoskeletal symptoms and treatment, not just "back cracking". 
I have always been very picky about my Chiropractors, but I have been really happy with how much Dr. Seery has helped me in so many ways over the years. 

Stephen O'Reilly
Sr. Content Marketing Manager and Writer at InfinityQS International
February 20, 2017, Stephen was a client of Dr. Michael’s

I've been receiving chiropractic care since the late 70s. I've seen dozens of different chiropractors over the years and I can say, without hesitation, that Dr. Seery is one of the best around. His attention to detail and soundness of technique are without peer. And he goes the extra mile, recommending ways in which you, the patient, can better take care of yourself and maintain good spinal health. I recommend Dr. Seery to anyone I meet who has back or neck problems. 

Mike Roberts
Rational Tools Administrator
January 26, 2017, Mike was a client of Dr. Michael’s

Dr. Seery is a top-shelf, Cox and Atlas certified chiropractor who my wife and I have been seeing for 9 years. His advanced knowledge of chiropractic techniques and great personality and customer service skills drew us to him. Dr. Seery helped ease my wife's migraines using Atlas techniques for adjusting her neck. For me, he has been the only chiropractor I have seen who has been able to properly adjust my sacrum when it gets misaligned (causing a high degree of lower back pain). And these are just two examples of how Dr. Seery has helped us over the years. I would highly recommend any person with back, neck, or hip issues to see Dr. Seery for relief.

Jeff Chandler, P. Eng, PMP
Managing Director at Chandler Consulting LLC
January 25, 2017, Jeff was a client of Dr. Michael’s

Dr. Seery has been my family's chiropractor for years. He spent a lot of time with me understanding my pain and then focused on relieving the immediate cause. By understanding what changed in my routine he made recommendations to alleviate future problems. With my recent treatments Dr. Seery recommended exercises that have all but eliminated my lower back pain. Dr. Serry is a great Chiropractor!

Valerie G. Mallett
January 25, 2017, Valerie G. was a client of Dr. Michael’s

Dr. Seery is hands-down the best chiropractor my family and I have have seen. He has treated everyone in our family -- from our teenage son all the way up to my 93-year-old mother. Where traditional orthopedic and another doctors have been unable to diagnose and address pain issues, Dr. Seery consistently is able to provide a sound and thorough diagnosis, and, most importantly, provide the proper therapy to address and treat the problem. He's a lifesaver, honest to goodness. With a couple of visits, he will dispel any hesitancy patients new to this area of medicine may have about seeing a chiropractor. He is, quite simply, the best.

Randy Pieper
Master Trooper at Virginia State Police
January 24, 2017, Randy was a client of Dr. Michael’s

Dr. Seery has provided Chiropractic care for myself and family over the past 11 years. I would highly recommend him as he is attentive to individual needs of his patients. As a patient I never felt as though I was been rushed through my appointment and that he was focused totally on my care.

Kirsten Gunsolus, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
HR Specialist at FEMA
January 23, 2017, Kirsten was a client of Dr. Michael’s

Dr. Seery is a knowledgeable, kind and compassionate Chiropractor who takes the time to listen to your issues and really pinpoint where the problems are. He is thorough in his approach and uses his great sense of humor to make you feel at ease if you're at all nervous! His excellent commitment to his patients and great customer service was shown when a friend of mine flew up from Atlanta one weekend, and after sitting for 2 hrs on the plane, she was in excruciating back pain! I knew she'd never get to enjoy her visit with that kind of back pain, so I called Dr. Seerys office and was able to get her a same appointment. He met with and treated her, and relieved her pain immediately!! This happened 6 years ago, and she still talks about it to this day because she was so amazed at the relief she got so quickly! I highly recommend Dr. Seery to anyone I know looking for a great Chriopractor!

Sean Ryan
Vice President & Lead Designer at Groff Landscape Design
January 23, 2017, Sean was a client of Dr. Michael’s

My family has been seeing Dr. Seery for several years now. He has always been able to take care of our problems. He is great at adjusting us all and diagnosing where our pain is stemming from. I can be difficult to adjust and there are very few people that can adjust me properly. Our family will always be patients of Dr. Seery!

Scott Langbauer
Head Butcher at Westover Market
May 4, 2010, Scott was a client of Dr. Michael’s

Dr. Seery is, hands-down, the very best Chiropractor I have ever been to. He has a vast array of knowledge concerning the inner workings of the human body, how and why things go wrong, and how to fix them as quickly as possible. He is very thorough, and there has not been a problem I've had that he couldn't fix effectively and efficiently. Dr. Seery is very friendly, and you always have confidence that he will pinpoint your problems, and give you exactly the perfect amount of treatment to remedy you. Dr. Seery is the only chiropractor I will ever see so long as I am living in Northern Virginia.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say about Dr. Michael Seery DC. Chiropractor at Virginia Integrative Care, practicing Chiropractic and the Cox Technic in Chesapeake Virginia.

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